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Yukon Forge Hammer

Yukon Forge Hammer

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Yukon Forge (YF) Hammers are the accumulation of a lifetime of farrier work, forging, and competing.   The goal was to make a world-class rounding and clipping hammer that looked as good as it functions. 

 The Process

The whole idea was that this hammer line would be made in-house by farriers for farriers and blacksmiths.   Yukon start with 4140 and the entire process is in-house from the first cut to the final fit-up.   There is a lot of pride and work in each hammer. 

Hammers are first machined with CNC equipment to their different functions and weights.  Then they go to the belt grinders to get deburred. Once the hammers are all prepared they then heat treat and temper the hammers for the rugged life they will live.  Lastly, they get their final shine and fit up to our hickory handles. 

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