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Yukon Clipping Hammer

Yukon Clipping Hammer

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The New Yukon 2.125lb clipping hammer is one sexy clip-forging hammer!!   Super well balanced with a weight of 2.125 pounds, makes it easy to forge out those nail savers.    this is a great hammer for really getting a pretty usable clip.    


Yukon hammers are crafted from 4140 steel, which is known for its excellent strength and durability.   The steel is processed by machining, grinding, and heat-treating here at Yukon Forge.  The process produces a very high-quality forging hammer you will use for years to come.  

It's said that the magic in a good forging hammer is in the handle.  Yukon start with hickory and shape the wood with heavy forging in mind.  They grind the proper proportions to give the hammer maximum control and forging power.   For the proper grip, they burn the handle and coat it liberally with boiled linseed oil.  The hammer's eye is machined with a distinct hourglass shape to lock in the handle.  They top off the handle over the eye with a hardwood wedge and metal wedge, both are glued in and topped off with epoxy.  This process gives the hammer the right grip and feel for heavy work. 

Yukon put a lot of love and care into each of these hammers.  This is a reliable and effective tool for farriers and metal workers.  Its well-balanced design and quality construction contribute to improved accuracy, efficiency, and overall performance.  


Overall Length -  4.46"

Body Height   -  2.16"

Face Diameter -  1.6" 

Clip Face Diameter - .5"

Weight = 2.125lbs

Handle Over All Length -  18"


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