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Mini Glu-shu / foal shoe

Mini Glu-shu / foal shoe

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The Mini Glu-shu is a smaller version of the standard Glu-shu applicable for both front and hind feet. This glue-on shoe is a very easy to use glue-on shoe for foals and Shetland ponies. It is a versatile shoe with many options. It can easily be combined with the Mini Glushu extension plates or inserts.


APPLICATIONS Glushu is a glue-on shoe with a very similar use compared to normal steel/aluminium shoes. It can be applied in every situation where nailing is difficult, impossible or not wanted. Glushu is glued to the hoof wall. Which means that limitation of hoof mechanism is minor. Glushu can also be combined with all Glue-U Shufill Cushions or Glushu inserts combined with Shufill Hoof packing or Silicones. Glushu can easily be reshaped, grinded, etc

MINI WIDTH (mm) WIDTH (inch) HEEL-TOE (mm) HEEL-TOE (inch)
Mini 75 75mm 3" 70mm 2, 3/4"
Mini 85 85mm 3, 1/2" 80mm 3, 1/4"
Mini 95 95mm 3, 3/4" 90mm 3, 1/2"

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