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Keratex Frog Power Cleanser 50ml

Keratex Frog Power Cleanser 50ml

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Keratex Frog Power Cleanser is great for frogs that need some attention during rainy spells, boggy field conditions or stabling for long periods. This powerful little product packs a real punch. It works on the frogs to help act against all frog problems, with a soothing cleansing and restorative action, and it prevents them from becoming over-saturated which is key in helping the horse fend off potential frog-related issues.

The best part of using this great product is that it comes in a handy little bottle, however don’t be fooled – a little goes a long way with Keratex Frog Power Cleanser!

Available in 50ml squeezy bottle.


  • Maintains A healthy frog
  • protects against the organisms which cause thrush
  • Other ingredients contribute by dehydrating the cell structures of invading bacteria & fungi
  • Site-specific nozzle targets those hard-to-reach areas.
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