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Werkman Hoofcare



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   The Perfect sideclipped shoe for Warmbloods with a very European Shape with many practical features:

  • The rounded outer edge enables easier break-over in all directions while reducing leverage on the hoof and limb.                                                                                       
  •  The fully fullered shoe provides increased traction and less weight.                             
  •  The concave inside edge provides ultimate traction and reduces the risk of forging.          
  •  The Extra-wide heels provide improved caudal support.                                               
  •  Fireplay shoes have been designed with sole relief. 
  • Fireplay shoes gets wider with each size, starting from 22 mm up to 25 mm.

We have found the name Fireplay very fitting and they are extremely easy to modify, for example sideclips can be removed without leaving a source hole (bob mark) and a toe clip is easily draw from a good source at the Toe. They also convert surprisingly well into a hind shoe when the outer branch is fullered and the toe adjusted, making them a very versatile Keg shoe.  

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