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Dr Hoof

Dr Hoof - Hoof Oil

Dr Hoof - Hoof Oil

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Protect your horses hooves during dry  or wet weather with Dr Hoof oil, available in 1 litre, Made out of 14 herbal ingredients!


•Maintains optimum hoof condition and aids re-structuring & growth of the hoof

•Suitable for all hoof types

•Ideal for daily use.

• Allows the hoof to breath along with providing a barrier agent against water & moisture. 

• Anti Septic, Anti Bacterial & Anti Fungal. 

• If used daily maintains optimum hoof moisture.           

 • Penetrates deep inside the horn, to prevent cracks, & restore damaged hoof. 

• Ideal for dry brittle hooves

 • Suitable for daily use to prevent infections such as Thrush

 • All natural products, completely safe for use in the racehorse industry

• Nourishes & protects the hooves.

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