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Beanie Replacement Turning Hammer Handle

Beanie Replacement Turning Hammer Handle

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It happens. Replacement handle for the Beanie Forging and clipping hammers.

The handle is Hickory and 16 1/2 inch in length. It comes with a wooden and metal wedge. It will also fit other brands of hammers. Simply remove the old shaft. Knock the new one on to the hammer head. With a pen mark the bottom of the head position on the shaft. Remove and carefully cut a slit using a hacksaw down from the top (if there is no slip already). It is important only to cut half way down to the mark previously made whilst the head was on the shaft. Then knock the shaft back on the head. Insert the wooden wedge into the slot made by the hacksaw. Hammer till flush. Finally hammer the metal wedge provided in to the head (at a diagonal position to the wooden wedge).

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