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Balance Hoof Care

Balance Hoof Care pad - Flat pair

Balance Hoof Care pad - Flat pair

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One size hoof pad – comes in flat and 3-degree versions. Can be used with front and hind horseshoes –pads are trimmed to size. Pads fit a large range of horseshoe sizes and offers convenience by reducing stock on hand requirements of farriers.

Superior material that is durable, flexible and abrasion resistant. It offers rebound resilience, impact resistance and can withstand harsh environmental elements.

Slots in frog area hold impression material or silicone hoof packing material securely in place throughout the shoeing cycle.

Guide grooves feature through frog area assist the farrier with sizing and trimming of the hoof pad.

Specially designed frog area of the hoof pad is flexible allowing expansion under pressure, promoting blood flow and circulation to the horse’s natural frog. The flexibility of the frog area assists with natural function of the frog as well as maintaining caudal support.

The raised frog insert is designed to put the frog back on the same plane with the hoof wall in a horse wearing shoes.

The Balance Hoof Pad – 3-degree has a unique recessed frog area to accommodate impression material and maintain flexibility of the area.

The Balance Hoof Pad design is a load sharing concept, one that redistributes load on the bottom of the foot, helping the hoof structures to work together.

Balance Hoof Pads are clearly marked with “Ground Side” to avoid any confusion to the farrier when fitting.

Balance Hoof Pads are aids for therapeutic and preventative farriery and their use should be guided by your farrier and/or your treating vet.

Balance Hoof Pads can offer both protection and support for the bottom of the foot. Centre opening design of the hoof pad can secure and accommodate full solar coverage with impression material or it can offer half coverage and open at the toe.

How to fit the Balance Hoof Care Pad

How to fit the easy to trim and convenient one size Balance Hoof Care Pad

  1. The pads are marked with “GROUND SIDE” to avoid any confusion when fitting.
  2. Place the sized and worked shoe on the pad to line up with the horses’ natural frog and tap with hammer to mark toe clip or side clips and trim out this/these area/s of the pad. Note: the shoe will align with one of the guide grooves running through the frog insert section of the pad which will require trimming, unless fitting a larger size shoe.
  3. Once the clip areas are trimmed out, the pad will now sit flush with shoe. Option to trace around the shoe with a marker to assist with trimming the pad to size. Trim off any excess pad material, including at heel end of the pad prior to nailing on shoe/pad set.
  4. Make sure hoof is brushed clean and dry. The option to apply a frog treatment e.g., copper sulphate is now.
  5. Mix equal parts of the 2-part silicone putty or impression material until colour is fully blended. Move quickly to avoid putty hardening.
  6. Flatten the 2-part silicone putty or impression material to cover across the frog area and position your shoe and pad in place.
  7. Secure the shoe with a nail in each side of the shoe and place the hoof down to bear weight and disperse the 2-part silicone putty or impression material through the pad slots before it sets. This step is essential and should not be missed.
  8. Pick up hoof and wipe off excess 2-part silicone putty or impression material before it fully sets.
  9. Put the remaining nails in the shoe and finish job as standard.

Note: Balance Hoof Care 3 Degree pads are designed to be used with 2-part silicone putty or impression material. The Balance Hoof Care Flat pads can be used with or without 2-part silicone putty or impression material.

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