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Werkman Hoofcare



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une 2013 saw the launch of a comprehensive scientific study on the subject of shoeing, funded by the Werkman Horseshoe Company and led by Dr. Jenny Hagen ( Veterinary  Anatomical Institute ( Veterinär-Anatomisches Institut) of Leipzig University ). 

The study focused on the impact of various horseshoes and shoeing modifications, taking into account diverse soil types, on:

    • the distribution pattern of the vertical compressive forces exerted on the hoof
    • the size of the load-bearing area 
    • the gait pattern
    • the orientation of the phalanges

The results of this study were used for the development of the Werkman Ortho-Kit.

The Werkman Ortho-Kit provides you with an effective and straightforward means to turn Werkman horseshoes into various therapeutic shoes.

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